About Boxseat Suite Management

We created Boxseat to help ease the pain of managing a venue's suite inventory. We felt you shouldn't have to scratch your head while trying to figure out if your spreadsheet is up-to-date, how much revenue was actually gathered or use bloated, difficult to use software.

It's our belief that software should always be simple for a person to understand and use, that software should solve problems, save time, and ease the pain of a person's task.

We have real-world experience in the luxury suites area of the sports industry—we know all too well the headaches venues face every day. We also have extensive knowledge of web-based applications, by bringing the two together we feel we've built a fantastic piece of software that we want to share with the entire industry.

Who We Are

Cheryl Draper (cheryl@yourboxseat.com)

Cheryl has 9+ years of business experience and has worked with the Ottawa Senators Hockey Club for 5+ years in their suites department. She lives, eats and breathes suites—want to know how to manage fractional share ownership? Need to know how to better track revenue? Wondering how to gain better engagement with your clients? Ask her, she knows. Her experiences and frustrations were the driving force behind creating Boxseat.

Andrew Draper (andrew@yourboxseat.com)

Andrew has 14+ years of experience creating experiences online. Creating his first commercial website pre-Netscape 2 and continuing to develop his skills as the internet expanded. After enduring Cheryl's complaints about how difficult it was to track and manage her inventory, having to use difficult-to-use software and how she had to create workarounds to get the information she needed Andrew decided there was a better way.